Website Copywriting

Are you a purpose-led company looking to share your product with the world?

Do you need help to make your sustainable solution understandable and accessible to all?

Do you want to reach new customers and engage existing ones?

Then, I’d love to help.

I love learning new things so I will make sure I know your solution inside and out to write persuasive websites and product descriptions.

Caitlin in dungarees

How it works…

  1. Get in touch: send me an email or book a free discovery call so I know you want to work together.
  2. Intro call: we find out about each other and see if we’re a good fit.
  3. Proposal: I send you a proposal for the project based on what we’ve discussed.
  4. Kick-off meeting: once you’ve signed off on the proposal, I need to find out all about your business so I can write the best possible copy for you.
  5. Writing: I go away and write your copy based on the proposal we’ve agreed on, my own research and all the info I’ve got from you.
  6. Two rounds of revision: you give me feedback. Once I’ve made the changes, the content is ready to be published!

What it costs…

I tend to quote on a project basis as each project is different. But to give you an idea of my fees, my day rate is £300, which is my starting price for a page of web copy.

Let’s work together