A Love Letter to Trains

Dear Trains,

It’s been a while.

I’m sorry.

But it honestly wasn’t my fault.

I’m hoping this year will be better, and we’ll get to see more of each other again. I’ve really missed you this past year.

I saw that France is moving to ban short-haul internal flights. Congratulations! Your future is looking brighter than ever. You must be so excited!

It’s got me thinking a lot about you. And about all the good times we’ve shared. You’ve always been there to take me where I need to go or at the very least most of the way. So I’m just writing to say thank you.

Caitlin and her husband outside Tours train station

You’ve seen me grow up, through school, college and university, including a year abroad in Paris and back again. Then commuting in London for a year — let’s promise to never do that again — before heading back to France again. And now, Bristol.

You’ve taken me to see family and friends, new areas, cities and countries.

Interailing with you from the UK to Norway was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had, and you were there every step of the way — I still can’t get over the fact we went on a ferry together!

I love that you give me time to think and daydream, looking out the window as the landscape whizzes by. Or listen to music. Or catch up on a podcast. Or even get a bit of work done! You don’t judge. You just let me be me and take me where I need to be.

Sure, we’ve had bad times too. 

I’ve been late, and you’ve got tired of waiting. But you’ve always come around again.

And sometimes, you can be so stubborn, digging your heels in and refusing to move even when we’ve got somewhere to be.

Like any relationship, we’ve had our ups and downs. But we’re in it for the long run, in sickness and health, as they say.

Without you, I would definitely be worse off, so thank you. For everything.


Caitlin xx

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